Eat ‘n About Twitter

Following with our theme of getting with the times, we now have a Twitter account! I guess that officially makes us twits? Or is it twitterers?

Either way you can follow our culinary adventures @eatnabout

Eat ‘n About Facebook is here!!

Sry I'ze late...I gots hung up LOLcats

Well folks, we’re a little (okay, maybe a LOT) late to the party on this one.  Little did you know, Eat ‘n About does have a Facebook page…it’s just been severely neglected 😦  But that’s all about to change, starting today!  Like and follow our page to keep up to date with content you won’t find on our blog, such as upcoming food related events around town, restaurant openings/closings and quickie reviews, plus Facebook exclusive contests and giveaways.  YAY!!!  And of course it will help you keep up to date with the latest Eat ‘n About blog posts too!  Thanks for your support 🙂

Eat ‘n About Facebook Page

Annnnd I’m back

Thankfully I was able to get back without much glitches.  I am very very lucky to have been outside of the disaster area when it happened as it would’ve been much, much more chaotic for travellers who don’t quite speak the language.  My thoughts go out to those who weren’t as lucky as me though.

In the next few weeks I will slowly churn out posts as Japan really is a awesome place to eat and visit.  Most likely they will be grouped by dates rather than individual establishments.


And I’m Off~!!!

Off to Osaka that is!!!  I’ll for sure take lots of pictures and hopefully blog about my eats there…that is…if you guys are interested…

See you all in 2 weeks!!!

Wendy ♥

Bubble Queen Mango Mochi

Bubble Queen Mango Mochi

Hi just wanna update you guys that Bubble Queen now offers flavored mochi!  You can get the big size with filling or the mini size which goes on top of drinks!

Above is the Mango Mochi and it’s SOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!

On a side note, does any of you foodies out there know where I can get authentic Thai Tea (besides Tapioca Express)?

Bubble Queen on Urbanspoon