Vancouver Olympics 2010 Eats Around Town 2

I didn’t end up posting the next day after all…but here’s the rest of it.

The next day I visited Granville Island with Pretty Sis.  She wanted to visit The House of Switzerland (not really a house, just Bridges Restaurant offering a few Swiss menu choices), I wanted to visit Atlantic Canada House.

House of Switzerland

First up House of Switzerland.  They had the bistro option or the restaurant option.  However you needed to make reservations in advance for the restaurant option, and the lineup for the bistro was around 45min-1 hour.  We ended up not doing that.

House of Switzerland

Instead, we lined up at the front where they had a tasting of Raclette Cheese on bread for $8.  Now $8 is a lot but we actually didn’t feel too badly about it because the way it was prepared, we didn’t think we would see or be able to experience it again here in Vancouver.

House of Switzerland

What they do is, the heat up half a wheel of the Raclette cheese under an interesting burner.  Once the cheese is melted, they slide the cheese out and spread it onto slices of bread.  It is served with pickled small pearl onions and mini pickles.  See the video below!

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