Kim Ga Nae 金家內 – CLOSED

Kim Ga Nae

This is one of the newer Korean BBQ restaurants in Richmond.  It is located at Browngate Road diagonally across from Aberdeen Centre.

Kim Ga Nae

They boast 27 items on their AYCE BBQ menu, which is $19.95 at dinner time.  However, as you can see, two items are crossed off, making the total number 24.  But those two items aren’t BBQ essentials so I guess they can be forgiven.

Kim Ga Nae

The restaurant is divided into two sides- one for BBQ, one for the regular non-BBQ menu.

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Kingsway Sushi 東壽司 AYCE

Kingsway Sushi has recently become my favorite place for All-you-can-eat (AYCE) japanese (albeit chinese-made) food.  They have quality fresh sashimi and a decent selection of items in their Deluxe Dinner menu.

It was a Saturday so the place was packed.  Good thing we made reservations, but still we waited for about 15 minutes.  Those without reservations had to wait about 1 hour.

We started ordering quite a bit of stuff.  The best thing yet was the geoduck but I forgot to take picture of that!!!  But it was really really crisp and sweet.

Kingsway Sushi: Oysters

Oysters were the next must-have.  They always serve the nice, small ones that were meant for raw consumption.  I have been to places where they serve the big fat ones which should be reserved for oyster motoyaki or some other cooked dish, NOT raw.  These were creamy and crisp.  Between the 4 of use we had 4 dozen.  Would’ve ordered more if it weren’t for the other selections in the menu~

Kingsway Sushi: Scallop Pearl

This was an interesting thing.  It’s called “Scallop Pearl” and it’s the first time we’ve ordered it.  It’s basically a roll of rice, topped with chopped scallop, topped with half a lychee.  It was not bad.  The taste combination was interestingly good.

Kingsway Sushi sashimi

This is probably one of the few places that serve sockeye salmon sashimi in there AYCE menu, as sockeye tends to be a more expensive salmon.  We like it because it is less fatty therefore we are able to have more pieces before we’ve had enough.  Also ordered were squid, saba, and amaebi (sweet prawn!!!) sashimi.  I’ve only recently learnt to eat saba, and it was mighty good!  Some places’ saba tastes extremely fishy, but not here.  The amaebi were not as sweet as the last time I had it though.  Same with the squid.  It had no taste.

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