Oyster eXpress

Oyster eXpress Vancouver

Fannypack recently informed me of this little place in Chinatown that has Buck-a-Shuck happy hour…and get this…it REALLY is a buck for a shuck!!!  Not $1.75, not $1.50, just $1!!!  When I heard of this, I quickly scurried Hitman to the magical Oyster eXpress with me.

Oyster eXpress Vancouver

This corner restaurant has a very rustic log house interior…the birch color scheme a la Ikea is very pleasing to the eyes and brings a warmth…especially on a night like tonight when it was a huge downpour.

Their Buck-a-Shuck deal is only during Happy Hour Tuesdays to Fridays from 3pm-6pm.  We arrived at around 5:15pm and were the only ones here on a Tuesday night.  A few more patrons came in afterwards though.

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Phnom Penh 金邊小館

After hearing so much about the chicken wings and Butter Beef at Phnom Penh, I was finally able to go to try them out!  I think we over-ordered though.  Way too much food for 2 people.

Phnom Penh is a Cambodian/Vietnamese restaurant, but they also make food from other regions too as you shall see.

(Please ignore the date!  Forgot to turn off the date stamp function!)

This is the revered Butter Beef ($12.85).  It is thinly sliced pieces of raw beef brushed with butter then covered with a special garlicky vinagrette.  Topped with LOTS and LOTS of cilantro (man I love cilantro!!!!).

It was good and the beef were tender but I found the vinagrette a bit too sour.

Now their famous Garlic Chicken Wings ($7.95).  It was deep-fried goodness!  It was served with a lime pepper dipping sauce.  Each piece was juicy and tender.

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